Jail for man who tried to kidnap six women

Jail for man who tried to kidnap six women

By David Parker | 03/06/2021

Jail for man who tried to kidnap six women
Shamaz Ali


A MAN who claimed he had tried to kidnap six girls and women on the same day because of something he had drunk has been jailed for five years.

A judge rejected a suggestion by Shamaz Ali (30) that a drink he had been given by his family had caused him to try to kidnap six girls in September last year.

The court heard at a previous hearing that Ali claimed he had been given a substance that had affected his behaviour and caused "some sort of blackout".

The court heard that in one incident, he told a woman: "Give me a hug — you need to come with me" and, in another, he appeared to have glazed eyes and "to have to think about what he was going to do next".

Judge Roger Thomas said: "I find it difficult to accept that someone can act oddly as is proposed as a result of ingesting something."

Ali, of Clough Road, Rotherham, had pleaded guilty to eight offences — six counts of attempted kidnap, one of assault with intent to resist lawful apprehension and one of drink driving — in April on what would have been the first day of his trial.

He was sentenced last Monday to five years in jail after a finding of fact hearing concluded that Ali had behaved deliberately and with an indecent motive.

Judge Thomas extended the sentence from three years to five after ruling Ali was a dangerous offender.

He found that Ali had ingested something but not in the manner the defendant ad claimed.

Mr Tim Savage, representing Ali, conceded at a previous hearing that his client's behaviour had been "bizarre and illogical".

He said one of the victims had told how Ali became aggressive after asking her for directions, while he had approached another and said: "Give me a hug — you need to come with me".

This woman, Mr Savage said, had told how "this man's eyes were glazed and he seemed to have to think about what he was going to do next".

Mr Savage said Ali claimed he had tried to intervene in a dispute between his family and another family and "they have given him this drink".

He added: "All he says is he was given something, he did not know what was happening and he woke up in the police cells.

"He accepts his behaviour suggests he had formed an intent to take people away but he does not know why."

Mr Anthony Dunne, prosecuting, said at the previous hearing that a pre-sentence report had concluded Ali did not have any ongoing mental health issues.

He said whatever substance he might have been given, it would not have caused him to "approach females in the street and try to make them go with him".

Ali was disqualified from driving for four years.

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