'Idiot' motorist who sped away from police while high on coke is spared jail

'Idiot' motorist who sped away from police while high on coke is spared jail

By David Parker | 08/01/2021

'Idiot' motorist who sped away from police while high on coke is spared jail
Charlie Goodwin


AN “IDIOT” motorist who sped away from police on the wrong side of a dual carriageway while high on coke has been warned he could be jailed.

Charlie Goodwin (25), of Milton Street, Maltby, led officers on a 13-minute chase along West Bawtry Road and Centenary Way and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to police cars, Sheffield Crown Court heard yesterday (Thursday).

Goodwin was pulled up by police at 1.25am on February 27 last year but sped off just as a police officer got out of his car, Mr Ian West, prosecuting, said.

“The defendant then turned onto the wrong carriageway of the dual carriageway, trying to escape police officers,” he added.

Other motorists had to swerve out of the way of Goodwin, who even performed a three-point turn on the wrong side of the road.

The Vauxhall Corsa that Charlie Goodwin drove while high on coke. (Picture: SYP Operations/Twitter)

Mr West said Goodwin, who was carrying a passenger, drove at speeds of 60mph to 70mph — and at one point an officer trying to catch up with him had reached 99mph.

Police deployed a stinger to flatten Goodwin’s tyres but he drove off with two punctures, Mr West said.

Officers tried to box Goodwin in with their cars but he escaped them by driving onto a path, crashing into one of the cars as he did.

“Sparks were flying from the bottom of the car,” said Mr West.

“He’s swerving left and right in front of vehicles.”

Goodwin stopped at a roundabout and tried to escape on foot but he was caught by a police dog.

Mr West said two police officers had suffered whiplash during the incident and Goodwin had caused £8,900 worth of damage to two police cars.

Goodwin had more than the legal limit of cocaine and benzoylecgonine — a derivative of cocaine — in his blood, the court heard.

“He accepts he was under the influence of cocaine at the time,” said Mr West.

Goodwin, an Amazon worker, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, two drug-driving offences and driving without insurance at a previous hearing at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court.

Mitigating, Ms Laura Marshall said : “There’s nothing I can say to justify this defendant’s behaviour.

“The offending was appalling.

“The defendant has seen the CCTV and is quite rightly embarrassed.”

Ms Marshall said Goodwin had been referred to his GP for ADHD and he had said he needed help.

She said Goodwin was working for Amazon and had quit taking drugs.

Judge David Dixon said: “You drove like an absolute idiot.

“This is some of the worst driving I have seen in a long time.

“You were high on coke, and therefore not fully able to control the vehicle in a way that a normal person would.”

Judge Dixon said Goodwin deserved to go to prison but he was willing to take a chance on him.

He deferred his sentence until September 13 but warned him he could be jailed for 19 months if he used drugs again or re-offended.

“Throw this away and I’ll throw the book at you,” he said.

Judge Dixon released Goodwin on bail on the condition that he did not get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

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