Guinea pigs found dumped in shoebox at roadside

Guinea pigs found dumped in shoebox at roadside

By Michael Upton | 19/01/2022

Guinea pigs found dumped in shoebox at roadside


ANIMAL rescuers launched an appeal for information after two guinea pigs were found dumped in a shoebox at the roadside.

A member of the public spotted the pair abandoned in Ravenfield last Monday and contacted the RSPCA for help.

Animal rescue officer Liz Braidley rescued the guinea pigs and took them to safety.

She said: “These poor guinea pigs had been abandoned out in the cold and left inside a shoebox without food, water or bedding.

“The two male guinea pigs had possibly been fighting inside the confined space too as one of them had a bite mark on their ear.

“Thankfully, they were found when they were and we were able to take them to the RSPCA Leeds branch for some much-needed TLC.”

The RSPCA is now appealing for anyone who might have any information about how the guinea pigs came to be abandoned to contact them on their inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

In December, there were 1,478 reports of abandoned animals made to the RSPCA -- up 29 per cent on last year.

Liz added: “We know that people’s circumstances can change which may mean they can no longer care for their pets but there is never an excuse to abandon them like this.

“We would urge anyone who is struggling to please reach out for help to friends and family, and charities like ourselves.”