Green is not for campaign go — just yet

Green is not for campaign go — just yet

By Admin | 19/03/2021

Green is not for campaign go — just yet


GREEN Party members were accused of jumping the gun on campaigning by handing out leaflets too early.

A resident said he challenged a member of the party in the Wales ward on February 28 because handing out leaflets was not allowed until March 8.

“I was heading out for a walk with my wife and spotted a man getting out of his car with leaflets for the Green party,” said the resident.

“I spoke to him at a distance and challenged him, saying I thought it was illegal under current lockdown rules to be delivering campaign leaflets as this wasn’t included in what counts as an essential journey.

“The leaflet makes a big deal about the candidate helping out during Covid, so it’s disappointing that they’re ignoring guidance to go and deliver campaign flyers.”

Green Party group candidate Paul Martin said: “What we were distributing was information for people about help and advice they can get during the Covid-19 epidemic, in my role as a parish councillor.

“Not everyone is connected to the internet and often it is those people with little money who need help the most.

“I am also aware that the police chief’s and council’s view is that leafletters need to show that it was reasonably necessary for the volunteer to leave home in order to achieve the outcome intended by delivery of the leaflets and that it was not reasonably possible for that outcome to be achieved from home.”

Cllr Dominic Beck, Labour member for Wales ward, said: “I think it’s unacceptable when the national guidance said this was not permitted until Monday.

“The leaflet still gave me a laugh, with Paul Martin as the self-proclaimed leader of the Covid response in this ward.”


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