Drug addict 'savagely' stabbed woman 70 times, murder trial jury told

Drug addict 'savagely' stabbed woman 70 times, murder trial jury told

By David Parker | 27/11/2018

Drug addict 'savagely' stabbed woman 70 times, murder trial jury told
Victim Jill Hibberd

A CRACK cocaine addict stabbed a massage parlour boss “savagely and repeatedly” to death before stealing her car and selling it to buy drugs, a court has heard

Lee Fueloep (40), of Willow Garth, Wombwell, went on trial at Sheffield Crown Court today (Tuesday) accused of killing 73-year-old Jill Hibberd at her home on Roy Kilner Road, Wombwell.

Ms Hibberd, who was the owner of Attercliffe massage parlour Fantasia, was found dead at her home on the morning of Thursday, May 31, with 70 stab wounds, prosecutor Ms Kama Melly QC told the court.

Fueloep claims he went to Ms Hibberd's home to try and get money from her but found her dead body. The defendant claims he was too scared to report it to police because he was a known burglar.

Ms Hibberd was an “independent” woman who was in “good physical health” and lived on her own.

The day before she was found dead she was seen returning home in her Audi TT, Ms Melly said.

“However, the following morning, Ms Hibberd's neighbours called round and found obvious signs of a disturbance at her home,” said Ms Melly.

"They found the Audi had been taken and found Ms Hibberd dead on the floor of her living room.

"She had been repeatedly stabbed all over her body and it was clear to her neighbours that she was dead when they found her on the floor of her living room.”

A pathologist found Ms Hibberd had suffered 70 stab wounds to her body, face, neck, arms and legs which penetrated her heart and other internal organs.

"The evidence in this case will show you that in the period prior to Jill Hibberd's death, Lee Fueloep went by foot to Jill Hibberd's home,” Ms Melly said.

"They had a violent confrontation, the defendant lost control and stabbed Ms Hibberd savagely and repeatedly and then moved the body, dragging it by her ankles, so the body could not be seen easily by passers-by.

"Mr Fueloep rifled through the handbag of Ms Hibberd and left the home using the Audi TT which he later that evening disposed of by passing it on to Andrew Ashby."

Ashby (22), of Woolgreaves Avenue, Wakefield, pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday (Monday) and will be sentenced at the conclusion of the trial.

The prosecutor said after Fueloep murdered Ms Hibberd he then returned to his home to change and dispose of the clothing he was wearing.

He then “enjoyed the proceeds of his evening’s work” by using funds from the sale of the Audi to take crack cocaine and heroin with other users, she said.

Ms Melly said the following day, amid police activity in Wombwell following the discovery of Ms Hibberd’s body, Fueloep told a neighbour: “I hope they don’t think it’s me, with my record.”

Fueloep told the police during an interview that he was "desperate for money" and went to Ms Hibberd's house at around 11pm on the night of her murder to try and get some money from her, Ms Melly added.

"He said he found the door open and he went into her house where he immediately saw her body.

"He touched the body half-heartedly for a pulse around the thigh and neck.

"He said he ran from the house and did not dare report it because he was known to the police as a burglar."

Fueloep denies murder. His trial is due to last four weeks.

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