DNA "indicates murder accused Damien Hunt punched OAP in the mouth"

DNA "indicates murder accused Damien Hunt punched OAP in the mouth"

By Dave Doyle | 17/02/2016 0 comments

DNA 'indicates murder accused Damien Hunt punched OAP in the mouth'

A FORENSIC expert has told a court DNA evidence points to murder suspect Damien Hunt punching victim Mushin Ahmed in the mouth.

Valerie Tomlinson said she found a “mixed DNA profile”, matching both Mr Ahmed and Hunt, on Mr Ahmed’s broken false teeth.

Hunt (30), of Doncaster Road in Clifton, denies punching Mr Ahmed — he claims he tried to stop co-defendant Dale Jones attacking the pensioner last August 10.

Ms Tomlinson said: “In my opinion, one explanation is that Hunt punched Mr Ahmed to the mouth, transferring DNA from his fist to the teeth.”

She added that an injury found by police on Hunt's fist “would accord with this explanation”.

Hunt claims he sustained the injury while riding his bike, crashing into a lamp post while swerving to avoid someone.

Mr Jason Pitter, defending Hunt, said to Ms Tomlinson: “You're not saying, having looked at [Hunt's] injuries, that they were caused by a punch.”

Ms Tomlinson replied: “No, I'm not an expert in that area.”

Mr Pitter asked whether Hunt’s DNA could have got on Mr Ahmed's dentures via Jones' fist, his clothing or from the ground, perhaps from saliva spat on the floor.

Ms Tomlinson said there would have to be a “significant amount” of DNA on either Jones or the floor, enough to be detected against a background of other samples.

Mr Pitter said: “But it is possible.”

Ms Tomlinson replied: “Yes, but it's very unlikely in my opinion. It would require the DNA of Mr Hunt to be there in isolation.

“If it’s on another person you would expect DNA from that other person and other contacts they had during the day.”

Mr Pitter noted that Hunt’s blood was not found on Mr Ahmed, although he is said to have sustained his hand injury at the scene.

Ms Tomlinson said: “No, but that could be because Mr Ahmed was so heavily bloodstained that we couldn't find any [of Hunt's blood].”

Blood spots on Hunt's trainers, recovered by police from his home, were a DNA match with Mr Ahmed, she added.

She said this blood “would place the wearer very close to Mr Ahmed when he was injured and bleeding”.

Ms Tomlinson added that the pattern of blood spots showed that Hunt was moving around Mr Ahmed while the pensioner was bleeding.

But she confirmed there was no blood on Hunt's shoes which indicated that he kicked or stamped on Mr Ahmed.

Both Hunt and Jones deny murder. The trial continues.

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