“Disgusting” attack on Christmas tree

“Disgusting” attack on Christmas tree

By Michael Upton | 24/11/2021

“Disgusting” attack on Christmas tree


A VILLAGE tree appears to have suffered an attack of The Grinch after it was savaged by a saw.

The mutilation of Whiston’s festive feature on Saturday night was described as “disgusting” by one outraged resident.

Elizabeth Stevenson, who posted a photo (right) of the damaged tree on social media, said one theory was the top section of the tree was being targeted as a suitable-sized tree for the would-be thief’s home.

“One of the local parish councillors and his wife were out walking their dog and spotted the man sawing at the tree.

“He was startled by the woman shouting: ‘Excuse me, what are you doing?’

“To which he started to speed walk off, and she shouted again: ‘Are you after that tree?’ and he shouted back ‘No’.

“He was seen on CCTV further up the village carrying a saw.”

She added that the damage “makes the top part a nice sized tree for a home and will probably be gone in the morning. Disgusting.”

A police spokesperson said: “Officers are aware of the posts on social media and an officer will be making enquiries to establish if any action can be taken.”