Brinsworth accident victim's thanks to good Samaritans

Brinsworth accident victim's thanks to good Samaritans

By Michael Upton | 23/01/2018

Brinsworth accident victim's thanks to good Samaritans
Picture: Brinsworth News Facebook page.

A WOMAN has told how she amazingly escaped serious injury after being hit by a car skidding in the snow.

The 33-year-old was struck after climbing out of her car to see if it was badly damaged after she lost control and hit a wall.

The woman, who asked not to be named, told how she had suffered bruising all over her body, a swollen face and a black eye in the incident on Whitehill Road in Brinsworth on Sunday.

Police said at least six vehicles had been damaged in a series of collisions on the snowy street.

The woman told how she attempted to get out of the way of a skidding car before being knocked over her car bonnet.

She said: “I got out to check how badly damaged my vehicle was and left the driver's door open. 

“When I saw other car coming down the hill, I ran to close the door and there wasn’t enough time to run away, so they hit me.

“I felt my head been banged and then it all went black.

“I managed to get up but I was so dizzy and could barely stand.

“They took me to Rotherham Hospital and after doctor saw the video and the force I had landed with, they took me straight away to Sheffield’s Northern General hospital, to do different, more serious scan.

“I want to give a big thanks to both hospitals and the ambulance crews for how I was looked after.”

The woman said she was also grateful for everyone who had helped at the scene and passed on messages of support since, adding: “I really appreciate all the kind words. It’s amazing that people are so helpful.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed several vehicles had been involved in accidents on Whitehill Road on Sunday.

“It is reported that a Mercedes car was involved in a collision with a kerb at the bottom of the hill,” she said.

“Shortly afterwards, it is reported that a BMW was involved in a collision with a wall. 

“A third vehicle was then reportedly involved in a further collision with the woman driving the BMW, who was now outside her car. 

“The third vehicle also caused damage to the Mercedes and BMW. 

“The woman was taken to hospital where her injuries were confirmed as minor. 

“A further three vehicles were involved in collisions in the same area, leading to the road being closed while enquiries took place. 

“The collisions are believed to be due to the weather conditions.”

The spokeswoman said two people were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure, but not believed to have suffered any injuries. 

“All vehicles have now been recovered and at this time, it is not thought that any criminal offences have taken place,” she said.

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