Almost £15,000 to keep Police Commissioner’s family safe

Almost £15,000 to keep Police Commissioner’s family safe

By Admin | 31/05/2013 2 comments

Almost £15,000 to keep Police Commissioner’s family safe

SECURITY at the home of Police Commissioner Shaun Wright has cost the public almost £15,000 – rather than the initial sum of £6,500 which was reported.

The rising bill for measures to protect his family — including fencing and CCTV — has more than doubled since February.

Critics say the £85,000 salary should be enough to cover added security and the role is no riskier than being a PC or magistrate.

The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commission insist the cost will be recovered “as far as possible” after Mr Wright finishes his term in office.

The initial extent of Mr Wright’s home security was said to be £6,500 but subsequent measures to protect his family have seen the figure reach more than double that at £14,783.

Mr Wright said: “The security measures undertaken at my home were a necessity, in order to protect my family, following a risk assessment carried out after I was elected as Commissioner.

“I expect much of the cost will be recovered once I cease to fulfil the role of Commissioner.”

A spokeswoman for his office added: “The £6,500 figure previously provided regarding home security at the Commissioner’s home address related to work that was specified and completed at the time of disclosure.”

She added that it was not possible to provide a breakdown of the costs.


  • BigRich, you rightly point out "the woolly" response from Shaun Da Sheep, Pawlees-n-Clown Commishna. He's under constant scrutiny and will be challenged by active and empowered citizens from here to eternity in every move he makes. The eyes of the citizens are upon him.

    Grald-Hunter. Mon 03 Jun 09:09:20.

  • He expects the costs to be recovered? What kind of foggy statement is that? He should commit to repaying those costs in full, it's taxpayer funds he's spending. He knew there'd be risks when he applied for the job so should fund any security measures he thinks appropriate himself.

    BigRich. Sun 02 Jun 21:21:40.

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