Ruby Torry admits "regrets" after leaving Bear Grylls' Treasure Island - but wouldn't go back

Ruby Torry admits "regrets" after leaving Bear Grylls' Treasure Island - but wouldn't go back

By Chloe West | 19/09/2019

Ruby Torry admits 'regrets' after leaving Bear Grylls' Treasure Island - but wouldn't go back

THE youngest contestant of Bear Grylls hit Channel 4 show Treasure Island admitted having to leave after just five days was “the biggest regret of my life” but said she wouldn’t take the chance for a return trip if invited.

Viewers watching last Sunday’s episode of Treasure Island may have been left wondering what had happened to Ruby Torry was after she was only featured on the first episode and her departure didn’t play out on the show.

Instead, people saw nothing but a message on a black screen which read that Ruby had left because she was homesick. 

Now the 21-year-old fitness fanatic and waitress from Rotherham has her say on her early departure. 

“Some people might call this an excuse, but at the time me and my boyfriend had just got the keys to our first home,” said Ruby, of Thorpe Hesley.

“I just thought how I was missing out on an important part of our life together for a few weeks on the island. 

“It didn’t sit well with me and kind of broke my heart, once it got in my head, it consumed me — I also got really ill.” 

Ruby (pictured below at home) said a 45-minute episode of each show — filmed in January — equated to a week on the island and a lot went on that viewers didn’t see.  

“A whole week is condensed into just 45 minutes, so it’s hard for people to see some of the amazing things we did,” added Ruby.

“An example is when me, Ben and Emily all made spears and went out hunting one morning. We weren’t successful, but we really enjoyed it.”

Ruby said she had felt regret boarding the boat to leave the island but wouldn’t take the chance to go back.

“I wouldn’t do it again as we were all so ill and my skin looked horrendous — even for weeks after I left from being bitten by sandflies.”

Talking about her fellow islanders, Ruby said she was hoping dental nurse Emily would do well and find some cash, as they had got on like a house on fire, and described doctor Mano as being one of her rocks, who was very supporting and always willing to help.

“We have added each other on Instagram, talk when the show is on and send each other little things we remember,”she added.

“You wouldn’t put us all together as friends, but it really worked.” 

Ruby said her main highlight from her time on the island had been finding a fruit tree.

“The jobo fruit was no bigger than the size of a cherry, but it was the first bit of sugar everyone had had for three days and really boosted morale,” she added. 

“I was proud to say I found the first bit of sugar with Emily.

“You got to learn a lot about yourself and how you don’t need to be on your phone 24/7 and that there are other things to do.”

Bear Grylls Treasure Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.