ParkesLife: Have your cake and eat it I say!

ParkesLife: Have your cake and eat it I say!

By Amy Westby | 09/09/2010 0 comments

ParkesLife: Have your cake and eat it I say!

THERE’S no denying it...I LOVE FOOD. As I mentioned last week, I’ve gone a little off the rails since the wedding eating everything in sight, but boy am I enjoying it.

It’s just such a good feeling to no longer have to fear not being able squeeze into my wedding dress.

Don’t get me wrong, the hard work and dieting was well worth it before the big day and I can’t thank Jayne Street (DC Leisure fitness manager) enough for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

But I am thoroughly enjoying eating treats every day–especially the delicious home made chocolate and coconut cakes which were given to us as a wedding present.

Now that’s my kind of present.

We’ve decided to freeze the coconut cake but I’ve already munched my way through half the chocolate cake (I even had three slices in one day!). De-li-ci-ous.

I have however, been back in the gym and as much as I brag about eating naughty things, I am generally still trying to stick to smaller portion sizes and keep my treats in perspective.

I’m not silly, I won’t allow myself to get out of control because before you know it I will have gone up a dress size and be regretting the wedge(s) of cake.

Like I said last week, I want to stay in the best shape I can for up and coming events.

It is tough eating well at work however when your colleagues (you know who you are) are constantly munching on tasty offerings.

One chap even has two sets of sandwiches-morning sandwiches and afternoon sandwiches with a tin of sardines as a snack.

Again, that is my kind of thinking but I can’t see me being able to realistically fit in my jeans if I have two rounds of sarnies every day.

The answer is moderation. While ever I’m making it to the gym, I’m certainly going to treat myself.

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