Time to go, Mr Kimber

Time to go, Mr Kimber

By John Simons | 06/09/2010

Time to go, Mr Kimber

Dear Sir, I recently moved away to work, but still like to keep in touch with friends in Rotherham and I receive a copy of the Advertiser through the post.

Some of the letters do make me laugh. This week Mr Kimber asked the public to solve his problems!

From the response, I find it so sad that the people in charge do not know the solution as it seems all your readers do. Maybe it's time to do a job swap day and allow the readers to run the Council!

As every letter states: save from the top and stop wasting money on stupid harebrained schemes "like snow-covered town centers in the summer".

Who thinks up these ideas. I'm at a loss for words.

Mr Kimber: stop looking for get outs from the public and just GET OUT.


John Simons.

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