Pride in our homes

Pride in our homes

By Sue Williams | 05/09/2010

Pride in our homes

I read in the Advertiser that Denis MacShane thinks that people who buy their council homes are selfish.

I can't agree: buying a home gives people a sense of pride and achievement, not to mention security.

Besides while ever well-off MPs like Denis MacShane can own their own homes (paid for by the taxpayer) why shouldn't the poorly paid at least have the opportunity to own their homes too?

There are rows and rows of private houses for sale; the council should use revenue from council house sales to buy the empty, formally private houses to let as social housing,(that could help people who are being repossessed through no fault of their own as well.)

But in recent years the council have seemed more interested in lining their own pockets than using their imagination to solve social housing problems.

Sue Williams, Coppice Gardens, Rotherham.



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