Local jobs for local people

Local jobs for local people

By Michael Conlon | 07/09/2010

Local jobs for local people

Sir, I welcome the news that 47 new houses have been funded to go ahead. Will Rotherham Borough Council ensure that building companies use local labour direct and don't use employment agencies to recruit labour.

It makes sense to involve the locals and give the work and wages where it needs to go, so can we look forward to seeing these jobs advertised through the local jobcentres and papers. not seven joe bloggs acting as an employment agency all claiming to have the same job with seven different rates.

Come on Rotherham Borough councillors start standing up for your community, hand these contracts out to building firms who care about Rotherham and who will recruit locally and pay the rate.

Michael Conlon, Maltby.




ORIGINAL STORY: Go-ahead for 47 rental homes.

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