LETTER: Socialism fails in every country

LETTER: Socialism fails in every country

By READER | 23/10/2017

LETTER:  Socialism fails in every country

IN reply to Ian Roddison and his invite to a Momentum meeting. Thanks but no thanks, my reasons are due to the vast amount of evidence that Momentum has a hard core of middle class thugs hell bent on trying to bring down a democratically elected government.

The media is full of stories of them being involved in intimidation of even Labour members of Parliament, especially women MPs, brick throwing, smashing windows, burning newspapers they don’t agree with. At every meeting of other political parties, you will see them marching with their socialist banners, some cowards with faces covered, all causing as much disruption as possible.

They hate the Jews but love Muslims. Could any of your group please explain why you blindly follow the rantings of someone that openly wants to get rid of the Monarchy and the rest of the royal family, hates our armed forces, and wants to leave us defenceless in today’s climate, and for reasons only known to himself wants this country to fail.

He holds Venezuela up as a shining light of socialism. He has openly declared that if he gets in power the pound would be worthless, jobs and investment would go abroad and that he is already planning for that scenario!

Am I right in thinking that neither yourself, Mr Platts, or Mr Billups and Mr Duff have never been in our armed forces (nearly all of my family have), as I do not know how any of you can socialise in company of people that have lost loved ones while serving in our armed forces, those that gave their lives so that people of your gangs mindset are allowed free speech. You should feel ashamed when  in their company.

I doubt if any of you would buy a poppy! How anyone can follow a man that values the life of Jihadi John and the Black Widow before a member of his own country is beyond comprehension.

Have any of you ever sought help from professionals as to why you have such a downer on your own country? Why do you want this country to fail?

You must surely know that the policies offered by this alternative Labour group led by Corbyn, McDonnell and paid for by the communist union leader Len McCluskey would utterly destroy the wealth of this country. Billions and billions on top of our current debts to pay for the policies they have put forward.

Our children’s great grandchildren would be paying it back for many years to come. They lied to the young to get their vote, Corbyn sat on the floor of a train and pretended he could not get a seat when it was half empty. This man is a real danger to the people of this country, safety, jobs  and living standards-wise.

If you can name just one socialist country in the world that has ever prospered, then I will show my backside on the town hall steps!

Socialism does not and will not ever bring prosperity to its citizens, without free enterprise it fails.

Ray Darby, ex-Rotherham