LETTER: Let’s develop an attacking mindset

LETTER: Let’s develop an attacking mindset

By Admin | 23/01/2019

LETTER: Let’s develop an attacking mindset

I WRITE in response to the loss to Brentford last Saturday.

Firstly, we will almost always be outclassed by teams in this division. We need to accept that and play to our strengths.

Poor Zak Vyner has been playing out of position all season. He is not a full back and gets criticised unjustly. The problem he had on Saturday is that he was often left to mark three players as the opposition attacked with impunity. And that brings me to the main problem.

As stated, we are always likely to be outplayed so we need to make our opponents think more about us rather than having carte blanch to attack us. Visiting teams often commit seven players to attack, whilst we often just have Smith on his own. If we were braver and played with a front three, it would automatically make teams leave five back. Simple maths means they are then less able to attack us, meaning less pressure on Zak and the rest.

Sure, there will still be times when quality opponents run rings round us, but I always feel we are defending better when we have an attacking mindset. Plus, with more options available for playing it forward, it will take some pressure off Smith and give him a chance to get into the box more.

It will still be a struggle to stay up but fans are getting restless and we don’t want to lose all the goodwill gleaned from the brilliant job Warney and his staff have done so far.


West Stand Miller