Do not fall for lies

Do not fall for lies

By J Richardson | 08/09/2010

Do not fall for lies

Dear sir, The final sentence of Jimmy Reid's historic speech - “We are not rats” – given to Glasgow University (1972) - is: “It’s a goal worth fighting for.”

Unfortunately as Jimmy would concur, as of his death in 2010, it is a goal still not scored never mind the game won.

What Reid outlined is a philosophy recently vilified by one of its own as a ‘comfort zone … inhabited by the Labour Party’.

Reid’s wish was to see universal political, educational and financial equality and security embedded in society along with utilising the intellectual and practical potential from all spheres and members of the public for the benefit of the common good.

This has been the raison d’etre of the Left in politics for over a hundred years.

It is also what NuLabor turned its back on for the whole of the 13 years it wielded power over the people of the UK, implementing policies which resulted in the 2008 financial disaster. A fact compounded by their giving away of all our money to banking shysters at zero interest without guarantees as to its return, which has caused the present black hole in the economy.

The mentors of the incumbent LibCon leadership and present candidates for the Labour Party leadership would like your readers to think differently and blame the public service users and benefits claimants - the poor and vulnerable - for the need for the coming firestorm of cuts. Please do not fall for this lie.

The problem of today is not economic, but greed as the oligarchs of NuLabor and LibCon dare not tax the banks to regain our public wealth for fear it will affect their personal financial portfolios.

J Richardson, Rotherham.


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