Wrap up to beat Raynaud's Syndrome as cold weather bites

ROTHERHAM medics are helping to raise awareness of two skin conditions which can be made worse by cold weather.

Raynaud's Awareness Month was set up by the Raynaud's and Sclerderma Association to help GPs and sufferers identify symptoms, which can become severe if left untreated.

People with Raynaud's have circulation problems and typically experience a loss of blood supply to the fingers and toes, although the ears and nose can also be affected, while scleroderma affects the connective tissues that surround the joints and blood vessels around a specific area of skin which causes excessive stretching and hardening.

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Rotherham GP, Dr Richard Cullen, said: "Raynaud's is a common disorder that is a reaction to the cold or any slight change in temperature.  For the majority of sufferers, Raynaud's interferes with their daily activities but does not cause any long-term damage.


"In mild cases simple steps such as wearing hand warmers and thermal gloves and hats and avoiding cold draughty places can be enough to keep symptoms at bay.

“In more severe cases patients should visit their GP who will be able to advise on further investigation and treatment."

The Association's chief executive, Anne Mawdsey said: "It is really important that GPs recognise the conditions and are able to do blood tests on people who are having circulation problems just to make sure there are no underlying conditions.

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"It is so important for people with these conditions to keep warm as they can get quite severe."

For more information or advice about the conditions visit www.raynauds.org.uk or call the Association’s helpline


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