Rotherham's Hospital and Community Charity calls for blue dress code to celebrate NHS 75th birthday

LET’S turn Rotherham blue!

That was the call from a health charity this week as preparations gear up for celebrating the 75th birthday of the NHS.

Rotherham’s Hospital and Community Charity are encouraging schools, nurseries, workplaces, community groups and individuals to swap their usual attire on July 5 for a blue-themed dress code to match the shade of hospital scrubs.

Embodying the typical NHS style uniform, the Wear it Blue Day aims to get people involved wherever they may be.

The charity is asking those joining in to show their support for the NHS in one of many ways, including fundraising, volunteering, sharing your skills or leaving a gift in your will.  

Head of fundraising Rachael Dawes said: “It’s a big year for the NHS and we’d love to see as many of you celebrating the incredible milestone with us as possible.  

“This is a great oppotunity to raise funds for your local NHS charity whilst wearing your favourite royal sweater, lucky navy pants, sky-clouded headscarf or teal shirt - or whatever suits you.

“You can go head to toe in blue to brighten up your office, school or workplace or just wear one item as homage to the NHS - anything goes!  

“You’ll be helping us to brighten up hospital stays for our patients and their families at the same time.”

Previous donations to the hospital charity have paid for improved sensory equipment for patients with dementia, learning disablities and autism and enhanced life in hospital for patients, including funding toys at the children’s ward and tea parties for older patients.


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