Raising awareness of incurable blood disease

A WOMAN with a potentially life-threatening condition has urged people to take part in a conference hosted by TV doctor Hilary Jones this week.

The online event on Wednesday at 5pm was set up by the Lauren Currie Twighlight Foundation for people with Vasculitis in order to raise awareness of the condition across the country.

Vasculitis is an incurable progressive disease where blood vessels become inflamed and destroyed.

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If not treated early, it can cause irreparable damage to the body.

Patricia Fearnside, of Pinfold Close, Swinton, said: “It is not a very nice condition and difficult to live with.

“I have it in my throat, lungs and nose and I have a hole in my septum because of it.

“It is very nasty particularly if not found straight away.

“I encourage people to have a look at the conference because the more people that are aware of this vicious disease the better, because if they have it is important to know they have it early on.”

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Dr Jones, who appears regularly on ITV’s This Morning, will offer expert advice and answer questions on the disease at which affects one in 30,000 people across the nation.

John Mills, chairman of Vasculitis UK, said: “It is a rare disease and often GPs know very little about it because of the lack of cases they come across once in their working life.

“Because of this, often cases don’t get diagnosed.

“A lot of people get permanent disabilities because of it or can sometimes end up dead if it is not picked up in an early stage.”

To register for the conference, visit www.thelaurencurrietwilightfoundation.org

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