Proud parents kickstart hospital's neonatal appeal

THE family of a premature baby have raised £770 to become the first to donate in aid of the hospital which provided their little girl round-the-clock care.
Alice Wyatt and baby ErinAlice Wyatt and baby Erin
Alice Wyatt and baby Erin

Alice Wyatt gave birth to Erin Brown eight weeks early in December 2022, with the new-born weighing just weighed just 3lb 2.5oz.

Mum Alice and Erin’s father Luke Brown stayed close to their baby at Rotherham Hospital’s neonatal unit after their “roller-coaster” experience including being transferred from hospitals in Grimsby and Sheffield.

Erin is now a strong and healthy eight-month-old and her proud parents wanted to give something back after the round-the-clock care she received in Rotherham.

Alice, Luke and Alice’s dad Paul Wyatt raised £770 after taking part in York’s Castle Howard 10K and have kickstarted Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity’s newly launched Tiny Toes Appeal in the process.

Alice said: “Erin’s arrival was a roller-coaster – I developed pre-eclampsia suddenly at 30 weeks and the doctors said we were both at risk if they didn’t deliver her, which was terrifying.

“All I wanted was to cuddle her, dress and bathe her, to have skin to skin contact, but Erin was so tiny, there were lots of machines beeping, which was daunting.

“It wasn’t the birthing experience I’d hoped for but the nurses taught us so much about parenting in the weeks we were there.”She added: “The nurses were looking after Erin but they made us feel cared for. too.”

The Tiny Toes appeal was launched last month and aims to raise £150,000 to upgrade and improve the outdated neonatal ward and facilities which were built 40 years ago.

Rachael Dawes, head of fundraising at the hospital charity, said: “Raising £150,000 is ambitious but with the public's support we know we can do it.

“Together we hope to create a brighter future for premature and poorly babies in Rotherham and we hope Erin’s family has inspired you to fundraise, too.”

Donations to the appeal can be made in person at the charity hub in the main entrance at Rotherham Hospital, via cheque or bank transfer or via Just Giving –