Paula’s Blackpool Tower tribute to son Liam

MUM Paula Allen has set up a towering tribute to her tragic son Liam.

Seven-year-old Liam, who died last year in hospital from suspected sepsis, suffered from epilepsy, as does his younger brother Rory (3).

Now Paula (38), of East Herringthorpe, has arranged with the owners of Blackpool Tower to turn the lights covering the famous coastal landmark green and purple to mark the anniversary of Liam’s death on November 24.

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“We had booked to go there as a family for New Year’s Eve last year but with what happened with Liam we had to cancel.

“We went to Blackpool again in August and left one of his memorial bands on the pier.

“I thought it would be nice to get the tower lit up in his memory, too. They wrote back and said I had just missed the date to avoid being charged but in our case they were going to waive the £500 fee.

“We are all going to go over and watch it. We will probably let off a balloon in green \a Liam’s colour.”

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Green was Liam’s favourite colour and purple is used for epilepsy awareness.

Paula, who has four surviving children with husband Dave, released two previously unseen photos this week as part of her drive to get people talking about epilepsy and spotting the early signs of the condition.

She said: “Before my little boys started having seizures in 2018 I just thought epilepsy was where you’d have a seizure where you were jerking on the floor and it would pass and I think a lot of other people think that, too.

“But it could be just looking really vacant. I thought Liam was just ignoring me but he was having a seizure.

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“A lot of seizures start out from them having a high temperature, which will come from them being poorly anyway, so those are signs to look out for.

“It could be that they are really withdrawn.”

Paula said Rory, who had suffered 20 seizures over the past two years, now had his epilepsy mostly under control through medication.

She added: “If it goes on for more than five minutes, I have to dial 999.

“It can be really scary. I have to stay calm so they stay calm but I can feel my heart pounding. It feels like forever sometimes.”

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Paula said she was keen to do what she could to raise awareness of epilepsy, adding: “I thought we could just be sitting at home (on November 24) or we could do something positive.

“I do try to be positive. It is hard to find positive sometimes so when I find one I grab hold of it.”

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