Patient's complaint over hospital care

A PATIENT who spent two months being treated in Rotherham Hospital has accused staff of neglect.

Nick Adams (44) said his daily medication was never given on time and his bedside buzzer was removed when he tried to flag problems.

He said he was threatened with being kicked out of the hospital after ward staff overheard him on the phone to the BBC.

And a cleaner told him off for having an electric fan — which had been provided by nurses to keep him cool, he added.

Mr Adams (above), from Swansea, was admitted on January 3 after being taken ill while spending the new year with his partner in Rotherham.

He said: “It wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. My day-to-day medication was due at 8pm and this was never completed on time.

“This is a major error on the hospital’s part and I think it does need looking at in a serious way. It’s a major form of neglect.”

On being admitted to A&E, Mr Adams, who works in the media industry, asked for pain relief on several occasions.

“The lady put up the sides because I got out of bed, and removed the buzzer,” he said.

“It was a major breakdown in nurse ethics and showed a complete lack of professionalism.”

During his time in ward B4, Mr Adams said an elderly man who appeared “concerned and confused” also had his attention buzzer taken away by staff.

Mr Adams’s complaint was also against a cleaner he encountered while staying on the Sitwell ward.

He said: “I was unaware you weren’t allowed to plug equipment into sockets, even though I’d witnessed the nurses plugging in phone chargers for other patients

“This domestic cleaner was frightening and highly aggressive towards me about it.

“A week or so later, the nursing staff provided me with an electric fan to keep me cool but the cleaner woke me up early in the morning and said ‘I’ve told you not to plug anything into the mains.’”

A Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said: “We are currently undertaking an investigation.”