Millers want to help

EVERY Miller matters. That’s the message from Rotherham United and their own community sports trust as they set out to play their part in helping fans cope with rising bills.

A space is being made available at the New York Stadium which the club said was “somewhere warm” for fans to come so they can turn the heating off at home.

There will be a warm and friendly atmosphere, with tea and coffee, table tennis and dance sessions, the Millers said.

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Community programme manager Jonny Allan said: “As a club, we felt like we had to take action to try and help out and the Every Miller Matters campaign encapsulates all the ways in which we thought we could alleviate some of that pressure.

“We have already hosted a couple of sessions and it has been really eye-opening to speak to people and understand just how hard certain individuals have been hit.

“We believe there are more people out there who could benefit from what we are offering at the stadium and I would implore those individuals or families to come down and see us.

“There is absolutely no judgement — this is a safe space for a coffee, a chat and a bit of charge for your phone.”

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The Millers’ warm space will be open on the following basis:

Monday 4.30pm to 6.30pm: age 11 to 17; Tuesday 2pm to 4pm: over-35s; Thursdays 3pm to 5.30pm: families with children under 11; Thursdays 6pm to 8pm: age 18 to 35; Fridays 10am to noon: over-55s.

There will be a donation station in operation ahead of this weekend’s match against Bristol City where shoes, coats, warm clothes, sports kit, tinned food and toiletries will be collected.

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