Homelessness in Rotherham rises 46pc in two years

HOMELESSNESS cases in Rotherham have risen by 46 per cent since 2021, according to new data.
Homelessness is risingHomelessness is rising
Homelessness is rising

The number of new cases rose from 987 in 2021/22 to 1,409 in 2022/23.

In a typical month, around 130 homelessness cases are accepted by Rotherham Council, and there are currently 470 open homelessness cases.

Between April and September 2023, there were 699 new homelessness presentations, with 396 of those placed into temporary accommodation.

In Rotherham, the most prevalent reason that people become homelessness is that that their families or friends are “no longer willing or able to accommodate” them.

This represents 27 per cent of all cases received in 2021/22 – a five percent increase on the previous year. The council say that advice is given at the earliest opportunity to prevent relationship breakdowns, and young people are supported “to address issues which may have contributed towards the family breakdown”.

As of the end of September there were five people rough sleeping who were refusing to engage, with another 21 former rough sleepers in hotels and seven in a hostel.

A report to councillors states that due to increased demand for privately rented properties, the number of available properties is reducing.

It adds: “The routine use of hotels is being monitored daily. There has been a reduction from 96 hotel rooms booked in March 2022 to 61 rooms in September 2023.

“Alternatives are being considered to prevent the use of out of borough placements.”