Could Citizens Advice Rotherham help you cut energy bills?

CITIZENS Advice Rotherham is promoting its ongoing efforts to support residents at risk of fuel poverty.

The Energy Advice Programme is designed to provide valuable help to achieve benefits like reduced bills, better value for energy used and improved physical and mental health.

A spokesperson said: “Our team of dedicated advisors are ready to assist you with practical energy efficiency advice which will make your home more energy-efficient and lead to big savings on energy bills.

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“They can advise you on eligibility criteria for the different schemes, guide you through the application process and explore available financial relief options.

“By participating in the Energy Advice Programme, you join a community-focused effort to address fuel poverty.

“We believe in empowering residents through education, outreach, and personalised consultations to create a more sustainable, energy aware and resilient community.”

One client said: “I got help with engaging my energy supplier on multiple conference calls to resolve debt on my meter which was owed by a previous tenant.

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“I had tried to engage the energy supplier by myself but I made no progress. “Eventually, I got compensated for the distress, the debt was removed and the meter was re-registered in my name.”

Another added: “I was in a situation where I couldn’t afford to top up my gas and electricity meter.

“By contacting the team at Citizens Advice in Rotherham, I got support which enabled me to

keep my heating on until I was able to top up my gas and electricity meters again.”

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Call 08082787911, email [email protected] or text ENERGY to 07860047512 to get in touch. Visit for more information.