Wentworth & Dearne

John Healey, Labour
I’M proud to serve you and our area and to live and raise my family in Rotherham.

Local issues are at the heart of the work I do in parliament and I always stick up for our town. I've been voted 'best campaigning MP' and recently won Government funds to save Wentworth Woodhouse for the public, been fighting the new HS2 route and battling to keep our steel jobs and local services - like the job centre in Goldthorpe and the banks in Wath.

When people raise problems I do all I can to sort it out and last year dealt with nearly 3,500 individual issues and cases. My local office is open full-time and I run regular advice surgeries so you can always get hold of me. I want to continue standing up for you, campaigning to make things better and supporting those who need help.

This election is not a re-run of last year's referendum. People backed Brexit, Britain is leaving the EU. Labour in government will see this through and get a UK deal that puts jobs and working people first.

For seven years the Tories in government have looked after their own, made things tougher for ordinary families and hit the north with bigger cuts. If they get in again, Theresa May will treat it as a blank cheque.

This election is a choice: five more years of the same under the Tories, or a fresh start with Labour, and a government that will work for everyone.