Threats of further teacher strikes at Listerdale School

UNION officials representing teachers at strike-hit Listerdale School have repeated their threat of further walkouts over the suspension of the head teacher.

Five days of strikes were held before Christmas, disrupting the Brecks school’s calendar of festive events, after head Craig Roberts was suspended for more than two months.

And after talks with the ruling Children’s Academy Trust broke down at the end of last team, NUT officials said more industrial action was on the cards.

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A spokesman said: “There have now been four separate meetings with ACAS to try and resolve the dispute but very little progress has been made.”

Regional secretary Ian Stevenson said: “We will be giving fair notice to the Children’s Academy Trust, that the NUT is likely to resume strike action at Listerdale Primary School if a resolution to this dispute is not reached soon.

“The trust has failed to respond in a constructive way that would enable progress to be made towards reaching an agreement.”

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