Teacher barred over swearing and offensive comments

A TEACHER who made a series of sick outbursts at colleagues has been struck off for two years.

Michael Bamford, who taught at the Fullerton House private special school at Denaby Main, was found guilty of misconduct following a string of allegations made at a General Teaching Council hearing.

Bamford, who admitted the allegations or did not contest them, regularly swore in front of other staff and students and his comments included saying one woman was ill because she was  “a  f.....g fat cow.”

On one occasion he spoke to colleague Wendy Shepherd in front of other work colleagues and students saying words to the effect of “shut up or I will pull your head off, put my hands down your slimy black hole, pull your uterus out and all its entrailments and swing them all about.”

Among the other allegations found proved were:

  • In front of staff and students said words to the effect that she was completely useless with a student and incapable of doing her job.
  • When Ms Shepherd was assisting a student he raised his voice and said to her “don't let him do that, he’s ruining it, are you completely f.....g stupid?”
  • Asked by Ms Shepherd for assistance with the computer he said “Are you really blonde, thick and stupid?”
  • Talking to Ms Shepherd about a sick colleague he said “its her own f.....g fault, she's a fat cow.”
  • On another occasion when a woman was off sick due to a hysterectomy, he said to Ms Shepherd in the classroom words to the effect of “it's her own f..... fault, her insides were dropping out and I don’t really care.”
  • In the classroom he made inappropriate comments about an interviewee who had some fingers missing to the effect of “I bet she could still do it you know, even with hands and fingers like that.”

The tribunal concluded: “Mr Bamford’s conduct fell short of the standard expected of a registered teacher and was behaviour which involved a breach of the standards of propriety expected of the profession.

“Mr Bamford has not provided us with sufficient evidence for us to conclude that there are any real grounds of mitigation, to satisfy us that he has shown insight or that he will not repeat this behaviour.

“There were several serious instances of unacceptable conduct on the part of Mr Bamford. We believe though that it may be possible for Mr Bamford to address his failings through appropriate training.”

Mr Bamford will have to attend a course for personal behaviour management which will include modules regarding anger management and communication skills.

He has a right of appeal to the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court.


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