Governors leading Maltby school's recovery

A MORE business-like approach from governors is helping a school in special measures to improve, inspectors say.

Ofsted visited Maltby Redwood Junior and Infant for a monitoring visit shortly before the end of the school year in July.

Inspector Katrina Gueli said that the acting chairman of the governing body had been influencial since the school was placed in special measures in January.

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She added: “Governors are developing their knowledge of school issues and systems through leadership reports and more focused visits into school.

“As a result, they are beginning to become more confident in questioning and challenging the information presented.”

Inspectors observed lessons, scrutinised documents and met with head teacher David Horrigan and other staff.

Since the earlier inspection, the previously separate nursery and reception classrooms had been remodelled to create an early years foundation unit.

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Ms Gueli said: “Pupils’ achievement and the extent to which they enjoy their learning, school data, provisional results of national tests and observations of learning during the inspection all confirm that pupils are beginning to make better progress and attainment is rising.

“Teacher assessments at the end of Key Stage 1 show improvements in pupils’ attainment in reading, writing and mathematics.

“At the end of Key Stage 2, provisional data indicates that the decline in attainment in English and mathematics has been halted.

“In lessons, pupils are increasingly keen to be involved in their learning and are responding positively to increased opportunities to work in pairs or small groups.

“However, in a small minority of classes, the confidence of some pupils to take responsibility for their own learning remains less well developed.”

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