Film reveals peer pressure-led homophobia

FILM-MAKER: Korie HedleyFILM-MAKER: Korie Hedley
FILM-MAKER: Korie Hedley
WE’VE all been to a party that has gone wrong – but a new film made by Rotherham students shows just how deep the effects can go.

Directed by Korie Hedley, Social Agony is a short film where a group of students attend a party but as the night progresses it is revealed that two of them are involved in a homosexual affair.

The rest of the film explores how they experience different forms of homophobia at the hands of their peers.

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Filmed in Rotherham and Worksop, Korie wanted to capture how wrapped up in their own problems teenagers often become and how this can spiral into tragic events.


He said: “I would describe it as a massive teenage mess where things turn to the most extreme circumstances where a body is found.”

Filmed originally as part of his course work, Korie and his fellow students at Rotherham College are already planning a sequel and other spin-offs, following up on characters in the film.

He said: “We're making a few spin-offs, one of them is with a character called Ziggy, so we want to go into the affects of drug abuse and how life can derail from it because in the film they were more of a comedic character.”

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In the future Korie wants to carry on his creative endeavours as a full-time actor, however his passion for directing is also a big driving force for him, and he says: “I like to be more creative and show that off than sometimes just acting out a script I've been given.”

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