With goodwill, we may prosper

By Wesley Paxton | 12/05/2010 0 comments

With goodwill, we may prosper

Sir, Many thanks to the 8,111 of you who cast your vote for me in the election this month. Every one was both valuable and appreciated, not least in view of the much publicised lack of an election address, caused by the lack of resources.

The national campaign did its bit, not least the leader debates. Whether our increasingly presidential style of politics is a good thing will be argued long, if not bitterly, and the national swing has unseated many good local MPs in this election as it has done in the past.

My vote went up and Kevin's majority went down, possibly independent of the actions of both of us.

The vagaries of our current voting system has produced a result many of us would not have chosen, but we all need to live with it, and with goodwill on all sides, we may even prosper.

Membership of all parties is declining, perhaps this scenario, new in peace time beyond the memory of most people now alive, will engender a revival remains to be seen.

All parties will enrol online, so those who wish to join in and become active can easily do so. To slightly adapt the well know adage:"apathy prospers when good people do nothing", is very appropriate.

Best wishes to you all

Wesley Paxton, Hawthorne Av, Willerby, Hull .

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