Why we need you and Rotherham needs us

Why we need you and Rotherham needs us

By Andrew Mosley | 14/05/2019

Why we need you and Rotherham needs us

EVERY year, for a number of reasons, less people buy newspapers.

For a start, there’s a trust issue, largely caused by certain national newspapers through phone hacking, sensationalism and fake news.

Then there is the fact that some newspaper groups who appeared to give up on print, but are now saying otherwise having found the treasure chest at the end of  the digital advertising rainbow never existed, gave most of their content away — so why would you pay for it?

The decisions of readers and advertisers to keep their money in their pockets led to journalists losing jobs and the quality of their newspapers deteriorating.

Then there’s competition through the ever-developing world of new media, which means many find their news elsewhere.

Modern life also means people have less time and might prefer a quick click on a couple of websites to reading a full newspaper.

Many publications and forms of media have come and gone since the Rotherham Advertiser was first published on January 1, 1858.

And it is worth remembering in this, Journalism Matters Week, that while many businesses in the town have perished for various reasons, we are still very much here — and as well as the Advertiser in printed format, a monthly lifestyle magazine Chase, plus our free papers the Record and the Weekender, we have a website that brings you breaking news, plus Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

While the price of the paper has increased over the years — it’s still cheaper than most — all our social media and our lifestyle magazine comes with it at no extra cost.

In all our forms we highlight issues from planning applications to local authority wrong-doings and details of what’s going on in the local sports and entertainments-scenes. Where else could you access all this?

As well as sales, we have our advertisers to thank for enabling us to continue to do this — some of whom have been with us for decades. Sadly advertising does not always cover costs, which can restrict our pagination and sometimes mean we cannot attend certain events — a situation we want to change.

The Advertiser is the only media outlet that keeps you up to date with what is happening locally and fights your corner when you need it to.

Research shows people are becoming increasingly connected to their local community, spending more time and money locally and taking more pride in their area.

We reflect this through campaigns such as our Cash For The Community scheme and awards nights celebrating community work, local sport, apprentices and the thousands of volunteers in Rotherham.

We are proud of Rotherham and we want to express this pride while also holding authorities to account when we feel their actions are not in the best interests of the borough.

This week’s Journalism Matters campaign and Thursday’s Trusted News Day aims to celebrate the work of local newspapers up and down the country.

If you do not buy your paper and businesses do not advertise in it, it dies — then there is no platform for the people of Rotherham. Surely that is not good for you or the town in which you live.