Westby Avenue: Strictly gets a ten from me

Westby Avenue: Strictly gets a ten from me

By Amy Westby | 10/11/2010 0 comments

Westby Avenue: Strictly gets a ten from me

HOW good is Strictly Come Dancing this year? I know it is one of those shows which you either love or hate but I am a massive fan.

It’s not because it is littered with celebrities, I love the show because of the awesome talent of the professional dancers not to mention the amazing choreography, stunning costumes and live music.

People criticise celebrity shows for being superficial and full of z-listers attempting to further their careers but this is one format which rises above that.

The skill and talent in Strictly Come Dancing, in my opinion, supersedes that of its ITV rival the X Factor.

OK some of the contestants this year have cracking voices (Matt to win) but then you have the freak show that is Wagner and the mediocre bands which Cowell put together himself. Bring back Michelle McManus I say.

I know why Wagner is still in, apparently the great British public think that backing dancers who stroke themselves is entertainment. I think not.

But then I’m not an Ann Widdecombe fan either (despite the harness) because as much as these hapless characters make good television, someone with some talent always misses out. That’s the name of the game I guess.

Whoever wins Strictly, I don’t really care. I just love to watch the dancers and some of the celebrities this year are pretty special.

Who would have thought Country File’s Matt Baker could move so well or EastEnders’ SCCCCCotttt Maslen? Then there’s the overly modest Patsy Kensit who I think has great rhythm and could go much further.

Pamela Stephenson and flexible Felicity Kendal is showing that age holds no barrier when it comes to the ballroom and Kara Tointon really has the promise to go right to the final.

There have been very few dingbats in this year’s competition.

Aside from the obvious, the skill in this year’s line up is the best yet.

I just wish Arlene was still around to comment on the technical side of things. Alesha Dixon may have the experience of having been a contestant but her comments are still too generalised and crowd-pleasing.

I don’t know what they’ve put in Bruno’s water this year but he is certainly upping his game when it comes to showmanship.

Fortunately Craig and the friendly Len manage to hold the fort with their honest but constructive comments.

This show definitely gets a ten on my leaderboard.

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