Time for a clearout

Time for a clearout

By Michael Conlon | 28/12/2010

Time for a clearout

Sir, May I wish yourself, your staff and your readers a Happy New Year and all the best for 2011.

What will 2011 bring Rotherham?

I predict further misery in the economy.

We have thousands out of work on benefits with nothing to look forward too. Our local businesses have choosen cheap European labour over the locals as part of the free market economy.

This is because the means of production (raw materials) has become too expensive and, as a result, businesses are exploiting the working man, lowering wages knowing the government are willing to subsidise business with working tax credits to low paid workers, proving that business in the UK can no longer compete without subsidies or exploiting foreign nationals.

So what policies can be amended or introduced to stop the international scabbing campaign introduced by New Labour (free movement of european labour) .

Firstly, the Tories destroyed the pit communities and New Labour has done just as destructive a job to local communities with its policies.

Lets hope people's apathy towards theLabour group starts to diminish because they are just mouthpieces for their leaders their not allowed an opinion of their own.

Muppets and yes men make up most of Rotherham Borough Council.

It's time for a clearout in 2011.

Michael Conlon.



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