Thank you to voters of Keppel Ward

By Cllr Colin Barron | 10/05/2010

Thank you to voters of Keppel Ward

Sir, I would like to thank the voters of Thorpe Hesley, Kimberworth Park and the rest of Keppel Ward for returning me as their councillor with a much increased majority.

I spoke with many of you during the election campaign, and I firmly believe that your priorities are best represented by your local Labour Party.

The overwhelming support you showed at the ballot box, coupled with the derisory vote for the spiteful bigotry of the BNP, showed that the people of Keppel Ward are only interested in a future that brings us together, working for the improvement of our entire community and I will be honoured to play my part in that.

Colin Barron Labour councillor, Keppel Ward