Stop Scots MPs voting on English issues

Stop Scots MPs voting on English issues

By Michael Conlon | 07/12/2010

Stop Scots MPs voting on English issues

Sir, By the time your readers read this, the vote on tuition fees will have taken place and, regardless of the result, the fact remains this: Scottish MPs will be voting on this issue which only affects England. so the "West Lothian question" has reared its head on a major issue.

The West Lothian question was named after Tam Dalyell, the person who was the voice behind this thorny issue.

Should Danny Alexander MP for INVERNESS, Scotland, be voting to increase tuition fees for English kids, or any other MP from Scotland when their kids get it for free.

Surely our local MP'S are aware of this.

Can they explain to us why they didn't change this before devolution in Scotland took place?

Why wasn't it part of process? English MP's don't vote on education in Scotland and it should be vice versa.

Our uncodified constitution is the laughing stock of Europe; undemocratic, unaffective and it doesn't represent the will of the English people.

Call a general election, I say,  and let the people speak again.

Michael Conlon, Maltby.


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