READER COMMENT: Bullying of teachers commonplace

READER COMMENT: Bullying of teachers commonplace

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READER COMMENT: Bullying of teachers commonplace

Bullying is very common in the teaching profession.


I am a teacher and was bullied out of a permanent job. I used to work for Doncaster L.E.A.

Several of my colleagues were also bullied. I hear (from bullied ex-colleagues that I meet on the supply circuit occasionally) that bullying is still a part of normal school life.
I know of at least three other teachers who were paid off £10,000 as a result of bullying. The LEA's make you sign a gagging order before you get the money.

Now that's an admission of guilt, but the bullies are allowed to continue in post to do their 'good" work.
I didn't get the pay off. I just cracked up, had my six months off sick and then resigned.

My doctor had seen this many times before. He was absolutely brilliant, and I shall be grateful to him forever. I continued as a supply teacher from 2001 and have been happy ever since.
I met Britt Pilton on many occasions in different schools. She used to work for Supply Desk, as I still do.

I also know Moira Ogilvie from Canklow Woods Primary School where I did long term supply. I just can't believe that this terrible thing happened.
Why don't you investigate bullying in primary schools. There's lots of dirt under the carpet! You will be doing a public service!
Roger Sternad

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