Rat-racer thwarted

Rat-racer thwarted

By Admin | 12/11/2010 0 comments

Rat-racer thwarted

Sir-This is a message to the young woman in the rather tatty mini convertible who stuck two fingers up at me because I wouldn't let her push into the line of traffic queuing up from Canklow roundabout towards Whiston Crossroads one evening.

Just take a look at yourself luv; what makes you, and the 20 or so other car drivers I watched dashing up that little occupation road, think they have a right not to queue along with everyone else.

You effectively created a secondary queue, causing more delay for everyone. It's not good for the people who live there either. I'll bet they can't watch anything like Mad Max or Deathrace 2000 without it touching a nerve these days.

I know that everyone just wants to get home after a day at work on a horrible, dark, rainy Monday evening, but to act in that way shows no consideration for anyone, including yourself because I don't think you saved much more time than if you had not been a rat-racer.

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