Put children first

Put children first

By Mr P Clowes | 09/11/2010

Put children first

I am extremely alarmed by the news I am hearing from Rawmarsh Community School.

Who is to be held accountable for causing an overspend of £400,000 – the management team, the governors, the local authority? It seems to me, yet again, that those who cause the problem get on with their lives while the students, teachers and other staff are the ones who are set to suffer.

Doubtless parents will have received some sort of communication to spell out the current situation, but are they fully aware of the inevitable drastic effects of the proposed 'restructuring' of the education of their children.

Have this government not promised to protect education?

It is evident that a significant number of teachers with extensive experience and expertise are about to be lost to the school.

Please note that it is through their commitment that the school has made such major strides in recent years. Students only get one opportunity and should not have their futures jeopardised by the mismanagement of previous years.

What is more, the implications for the many staff involved, accepting that schools are not immune to the effects of the recession, are very hard to contemplate. As a former teacher at the school, I really hope that parents will seek clarification and speak up on behalf of their children.

I often said to parents ”if you don’t speak up on behalf of your child there’s a danger that no one else will”.

Obviously something needs to be done with such major overspending but some means of easing the blow is essential if the children are truly to be seen to 'come first'.

Mr P Clowes, Aston.