ParkesLife: "I don't need an aisle to try new style..."

ParkesLife: "I don't need an aisle to try new style..."

By Amy Parkes-Westby | 02/09/2010 0 comments

ParkesLife: 'I don't need an aisle to try new style...'

I’M really quite worried that by the time we get to Christmas I’m going to be a bit of a roly poly.

I mean right up until July 31, I had a goal and an incentive to eat well, exercise and look after myself.

Now I am suffering from post-wedding come-down, I’m eating everything in sight and have yet to drag myself back into the gym.

I know I will get back into a routine because I feel sluggish when I don’t exercise-never mind feeling like a heifer and whether it’s a bridal gown or my jeans, no one wants to feel bad about themselves.

So I’ve got a new plan. I enjoyed all the beautifying so much before the wedding that my new philosophy is to continue trying out new make-up and hair styles at every opportunity.

I don’t need an aisle to try new style...(cheesy) but the point is I’m going to invest more time in looking after myself and feeling glamorous as often as possible.

I know it can get expensive but I’ve realised how important it is to get pampered every now and again and make the most of yourself, instead of getting stuck in a style rut which for me is floral-print dresses and leggings.

I even bought Vogue to take on holiday which is very ambitious but exactly the kind of luxury treat I am talking about.

But it doesn’t have to cost money to have a make-over. I know between us my friends and I probably have every hair appliance going and every shade of eye shadow, so why not buy some nibbles and have a girls’ night in?

There are loads of magazines and websites out there explaining new make-up tricks or the latest trends so book a slot in your diary and get glammed up.

I’m already searching for outfits for the three weddings I already have lined-up for next year because I may never be the bride again but that’s no reason not to get excited about finding the perfect spring ensemble.

With a well-planned budget and careful spending, I should be able to buy one dress and accessories it differently for each do.

Now that’s a challenge I’m looking forward fact, book me into a class, I’ve got to look good for the photos!

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