Nothing done to clear our street

Nothing done to clear our street

By Mr J Hall | 08/12/2010

Nothing done to clear our street

I live on Winterhill Road in Kinberworth and this area has been in a terrible state since the snow fell and nothing has been done to clear tit even though we have a high percentage of elderly people living on our street.

I was walking back from the Post Office on Friday December 3 when 3 vans belonging to Morrison/Rotherham 2010 turned up on Winterhill Road.

The workmen from the vans had shovels and cleaned the area around the property of a Counciller who lives on our street (Mr Curry).

After they had cleared all of his snow and ice and gritted his access they got back in the vans and departed.I feel this is unfair as there are more needy uses for the man hours.

This is descrimination,i work in public transport (raill) and move large numbers of people around.

I was having to walk to Meadowhall Railway Station to get to work,as the roads were in such a state, in order to help keep the county running.

Mr J. Hall.


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