Nasty shock down at the doctor's

By Mrs J Scott | 07/05/2010

Nasty shock down at the doctor's

Sir, I recently went to visit my GP's practice at the Rotherham health village, only to find a parking ticket on my car!!

I asked the parking attendant why he was ticketing me as we had always parked in this area when the car park was full.

He said it was now a parking area for RMBC. I challenged him as there were no signs to say this, he said it was on a notice as you come into the car park.

I went to check this out,and yes there is a a sign but the print is so small that to read it you would have to stop and get out of the car! My point was that nowhere in the area i was parked did it say anything about it being a private parking area.

The attendant went on to another area previously used by The Health Village to get even more unsuspecting victims

Please be warned a visit to your GP could be a very expensive time as our visit cost sixty pounds for 4 minutes.

Needless to say I will be appealing against this fine but worry that more people will fall victim to this mindless beurocracy.

Why oh why do the parking attendants not use some measure of decency and warn people who innocently park before slapping tickets on the cars of ill patients.

Mrs J Scott