Murder mystery evening organised by Anston children

By Michael Upton | 06/12/2016 0 comments

Murder mystery evening organised by Anston children

CHILDREN at Anston Greenlands Primary School organised their own marvellous Murder Mystery evening last week.

Here is a report of the evening by the school’s young press officers — Tiffanny Clarke, Emily Bulmer, Owen Smith and Lucas Clow.


THE entertainment started with a short play to introduce visitors to the suspects — and the unfortunate murder victim. 

Afterwards, guests had the opportunity to visit a range of problem-solving stations, each of which allowed them to eliminate a potential suspect until they were left with the identity of the murderer.

At the end of the evening, parents, carers and members of the local community gathered back in the hall for the big reveal, and prize-giving for those who had managed to crack the puzzles.

The children in Year 5 and Year 6 designed, organised and ran the whole evening by themselves. 

The murder was set in the Red Rum Restaurant so the children cooked bread, quiches, flapjack and dips for the guests.

Each child was involved with creating a problem-solving station — some of these were maths or literacy based, some were logic puzzles and some even involved having to complete a computer game created by the pupils.

Pupils also worked in enterprise groups, as artists, ICT experts, information officers, press officers and actors and playwrights.

Any profits from the event will go to Cancer Research UK, a charity selected by the children.

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