Meet the next Paula Radcliffe

Meet the next Paula Radcliffe

By Amy Parkes | 08/04/2010 0 comments

Meet the next Paula Radcliffe

A STRANGE thing happened to me last night...I found myself smiling while running on the treadmill.

It’s a fitness miracle I hear you shout! And I kept running for 20 minutes which for me is spectacular (for others it’s an easy warm up).

I think this is largely down to my tremendous new trainers which my great friend Marie bought me for my 30th. At this rate I’ll be the next Paula Radcliffe.

On a more serious note, with the clock ticking down to the big day, I feel more motivated than ever before and know that with my weakness for treats, exercise is the key to shifting pounds-especially if the members of Sitwell Rotary Club continue trying to feed me chips and puddings when I’m a guest at their meetings!!!! Thank you gentlemen.

I’ve also started buying clothes for my honeymoon which has spurred me on.

This week so far I’ve done two gym visits and am booked in for a body pump class on Friday. I’ll also try and slip in a visit over the weekend to hit my four-times-a-week target.

The good news is that my wedding dress fitting went well and it does not need letting out.

That doesn’t mean however that I’m getting complacent, I need to look as great as the dress itself and I’ve still got wobbly bits that need attending to!

I’m burning calories with all the wedding planning I’m doing from making Order of Service pamphlets, to finalising the ceremony and reception details.

Fortunately my hen party is in the “safe” hands of my beautiful bridesmaids so that’s one thing on my list I don’t have to worry about.

It is all such good fun and I am totally in my element playing around with lace, ribbon and double sided sticky tape.

I think I must have been a Blue Peter presenter in a former life!

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