Make up your minds over green bins!

Make up your minds over green bins!

By Mrs L Carr | 11/11/2010

Make up your minds over green bins!

Sir, My husband and I have just had the greatest of pleasures by attending the 2010 Rotherham Garden Competition Award ceremony.

My husband was lucky enough to win the Rotherham South under 60 category, which came with a lovely certificate as well as a prize of £50.

Due to our high standards of gardening all year we use our green bin and always have extra green waste to which we take to the approprite Dumpit site - so far so good, but upon returning home and settling down to have a good read of The Rotherham Record, we find that the green bin will only be collected if containing clean cardboard from November to February of next year.!

So have if I have  got it right, we are to be awarded for taking pride in our council homes/gardens only to be penalized through the winter months.

Come on please make your mind up. Those of us that take pride in our gardens do so all year.

Mrs L Carr.