Litter penalty 'ridiculous'

Litter penalty 'ridiculous'

By Paul Scott | 16/11/2010

Litter penalty 'ridiculous'

Sir, Having read your report last week regarding fines imposed at Rotherham Court for littering and dog fouling and the response this week regarding litter left after football matches, I am a little confused.

Yes, it's great having wardens patrolling and taking action, but I don't understand why they would target Woodall Service area.

Okay it is classed as Rotherham, but surely it is privately owned by Welcome Break. Wardens can surely find somewhere more beneficial to patrol that may just have some benefit to the taxpayers of Rotherham.

How about outside local pubs where tab ends are thrown in the gutters, or just walk around the town centre.

I have just walked on the playing fields at Thorpe, and again seen the debris left by the football teams and their followers, this is not just a one off, it happens after every game.

Maybe Woodall is just an easy option, with little confrontation, or maybe its because most of the people prosecuted are from out of town and not likely to return to Rotherham to dispute the offence.

I am all for prosecution, littering is disgusting and not necessary, but £530 for discarding a tab end is ridiculous.

Paul Scott, address supplied.