Lib-Dem MPs on loser

Lib-Dem MPs on loser

By R Billups | 22/11/2010 0 comments

Lib-Dem MPs on loser

Sir—I see that uni students have pledged to never again vote Lib-Dem.

What with Forgemasters and now the students it looks as though Clegg has put himself and his party behind the eight ball.

Clegg’s mentor, the chameleon, will have to find him a safe seat as Sheffield Hallam looks unlikely to be voting Lib-Dem.

In fact all Lib-Dem MPs must be uneasy with this Con-Dem alliance and their jobs don’t look safe either. At the rate they are losing credibility I should imagine that they will stand as independents in 2015.

About the only place Clegg looks like being safe is if the Tories make the dark side of the moon a constituency and Clegg stands for re-election there.

At least he’ll have the backing of the sun.
R. Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh, Rotherham.


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