LETTER: Where do the Labour supporters go?

By READER | 31/05/2017

LETTER: Where do the Labour supporters go?

IF John Wooton wants to laugh it should be at himself. I expect he is a left winger. Their only answer to the middle of the road Labour who vote UKIP is they must be racists.

I would also point out that Mr Billups is obviously no Kipper.

What Mr Wooton has failed to mention is where do all the proper Labour supporters go when the non-Labour party has let them down?

Tom Hill in a non-job as Green Equalities Officer says you do not have to vote Labour. That’s about all he got right. What equalities Tom, you failed to tell us?

I would never vote Green even as a protest vote. They live on cloud nine and few people who may stop voting Labour will vote Green. They are another bunch who cannot do their sums and also try and frighten people. If they had their way we will be back to horse and cart and gas lamps.

* I have been on holiday. I saw the NHS tragedy on TV.

If the hospitals were prepared then it would not have happened. XP went out with the burning of witches.

As for the person who called these people pathetic geeks. No dear, you are pathetic. They are criminals. Cyber criminals for profit or a foreign power masquerading as such.

Anybody who has a computer will know this. You have to update your OS all the time and have a top rate security system in place.

Less spending on overpaid managers and more spending on line staff and security of the IT would be better.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley