LETTER: Well done Rotherham

By READER | 04/07/2017

LETTER: Well done Rotherham

ARMED Forces Day was a good day where Rotherham showed their appreciation for our armed forces in past and present conflicts.

It was nearly ten out of ten if only information had been clearer.

If only organisers didn’t just use the internet.

Many people have not got this facility and use the Advertiser to know what is happening.

On our arrival in the town it was not made clear which way the parade would come, only it would finish in the square.

In the evening it was the same, the Advertiser had an article promoting a free band concert in the park.

We arrived at 7pm with folding chairs at the bandstand, nothing had been said about it being in a marquee at the top of the park and no pointers in the park to show where it was.

Many people who had tickets didn't know about it.

If this information had been made clearer I am convinced the marquee would have been full.

It was a fabulous concert and such a shame it was played to a half full marquee.

So come on organisers, get your act together for next year.

J Mann